physiotherapy Have you been told that one leg is longer or shorter than the other? By Caroline RhodesOctober 4, 2013No Comments It’s rare to actually have on leg shorter than the other. This is the difference between an apparent leg length discrepancy and a true leg length discrepancy. This condition is quite common and must be treated …

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遮罩法 AIS

active isolated stretching Mattes Method A.I.S. By Adrian YahvahJanuary 7, 2014No Comments I recently attended an Aaron Mattes advanced seminar in the States. For those who don’t know, Aaron Mattes is the founder of Active Isolated Stretching and the leader on this subject, having pioneered and perfected his method for over 40 years. Anyone who is …

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Why sleep affects your sports performance

sports massage Why sleep affects your sports performance By Adrian YahvahMarch 31, 2014No Comments When deadlines loom, the schedule gets packed, and late evenings seem to be the norm, it’s usually sleep that suffers. One look at the mountains of research conducted over the last 40 years however shows that sleep should be the last thing …

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Sleep easy…

emotional freedom technique Sleep easy… By Caroline RhodesApril 1, 2014No Comments The most important factor in promoting health and wellbeing is adequate, restful sleep (ideally 6-8 hours a night) that allows the body to enter an anabolic state (see Adrian’s article) in which it can rejuvenate. Our immune system is boosted during sleep and muscle mass and bone …

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physiotherapy infant care Key Benefits of Baby Head & Face Shaping By Caroline RhodesAugust 12, 2014No Comments Promoting Your Baby’s Wellbeing Through Head Molding A balanced, symmetrical facial structure isn’t just about structural beauty. While it is true that people who are photogenic normally have symmetrical facial features, there are health advantages to a symmetrical face …

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Baby head shaping


physiotherapy infant care Now Offering Assessments via Video Chat for Flat Head Syndrome By Caroline RhodesAugust 23, 2014No Comments Caroline Rhodes, physiotherapist and craniosacral therapist has 30 years experience and has been treating newborns in Hong Kong for the past 16 years. As a result of parents seeking her help for their baby in connection with flat …

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