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Choi Sifu

– Qigong Massage and Detoxification  Therapist
 TCM Accupuncture

Choi Sifu (Cai Cuijuan) started her training in China in 2013, primarily to help her daughter, a competitive ice skater who injured herself but received no relief after 3 years of regular treatment. 

Qigong Massage Therapy is developed from qigong principles and is a gentle way to correct the body structure, increase blood and qi flow, and strengthen and lengthen tendons. Suitable for severe injuries and conditions related to the elderly.

 Detoxification Therapy (ideally combined with Qigong Massage Therapy) is a natural ginger and medicinal Chinese herbal (non-oil-based) treatment used together with scraping and cupping therapy to target deep chronic health problems and speed recovery.

  • Acupuncture Clinical Internship in Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2019

  • TCM Acupuncture 2016-present

  • China Senior Massage Therapist 2017

  • Health Massage Foundation Certificate 2015

  • Chinese Medicine Beauty Knowledge Basic Certificate (2021)

  • Certificate in Basic Knowledge of MuscleTraumatology (Bears)

  • Arthralgia Relief and Tuina Foundation Certificate (2016)

  • Common Certificate Tuina Foundation Certificate

  • Chinese Medicine Clinic Assistant Basic Certificate Day (2016)

  • Nursing Assistant Foundation Certificate (2022)

  • Certificate of Theoretical Foundation of Chinese Futong Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Chronic disease management knowledge (women’s disease/diabetes/hypertension/gout and arthritis)

  • Certificate in Essentials of Aromatherapy and Beauty (2016)

  • Follow folk masters to learn traditional bone-setting techniques from 2017 to present

Treatment Highlights:

  • Scraping with special sterling silver plate/hot compress with ginger therapy/pulling tendons.
  • Healing/scraping prevents tinnitus, forgetfulness, insomnia and prevents stroke
  • Lungs to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, breast hyperplasia, back therapy for colds
  • Abdominal menstrual pain, palace cold, blockage of the lower focus, dehydration and emaciation
  • Dredge the whole body lymphatic system: due to stagnation of cold and damp, the triple burner is obstructed

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