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Cranial Osteopathy and Teeth Alignment

By July 5, 2017No Comments

What do you need to know about Cranial Osteopathy and Teeth Alignment?

It is important to fix any facial bone abnormalities in newborns early. So much can be accomplished to lessen developmental deformities as it relates to the teeth, if done early.  Cranial specialists can note any asymmetry in the palate (the roof of the mouth) of the newborn, or developing child. If proper gentle mobilization of the facial bones and the palate (the roof of the mouth) are done early, it can help prevent the need for lengthy orthodontics repair in the future.

The timing of evaluation is critical, in that the mid-incisors (front teeth) interval of development is significant and affected directly by the height and symmetry of the palate.

Many situations can affect the alignment of the jaw and the proper growth and position of teeth to include chewing habits, absence of teeth, thumb sucking, poor fitting crowns (replaced teeth), sleeping only on one side of the face, or leaning on your chin, to name a few.

Both adult and children that are requiring teeth alignment adjustments to include braces, palate separator) with the dentist or orthodontic should be evaluated for correct positioning of the jaw (mandible) bone, the arch of the mouth (the palate), and the muscles below the jaw to ensure the most painless and time efficient correction of the teeth.

Periodic follow up to do gentle manipulations to correct the palate and the jaw bones are often necessary while clients are undergoing dental bracing adjustments.  We help adults and children, undergoing braces treatment too!

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