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Kate Tong

Kate Tong




– Integrated Stretch Therapist
– Craniosacral Therapist
– Flexibility Trainer
– Abdominal binding Therapist

Kate is originally from Hong Kong. Her involvement in the field of health care started during her early years in Health Studies in Australia. She has been actively involved in fitness training since she became the mother of two daughters, when she recognized the importance of maintaining good health and energy levels for the upbringing of a family.

After success in some major bodybuilding championships, Kate opted for working with individuals to help them improve their fitness and athletic performance. She now works full time in the health and fitness industry and is dedicated to educating people about proper exercise in pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle, improving overall performance, and achieving a balanced body.

Kate is also trained in TRE™, a series of exercises designed to release tension, daily stresses, and emotional trauma often held in the hip flexor muscles. These exercises activate a regulated neurogenic tremoring response to release stored emotions and memory in the muscles and myofascial system. Once learned, this exercise technique can be part of your own home program to improve flexibility and balance while releasing any mental or physical stress in the body.

Kate is a fitness leader, a master trainer for exercise trainers, and an educator to individuals with special needs. Her areas of specialization also include management of flexibility and postural impairment, which are the causes of general chronic pain or functional deficiency. Her clientele ranges in age from 6 to 86, from sportsmen to victims of Parkinson’s disease and strokes. Besides working closely with physiotherapists for rehabilitation treatments, Kate has not stopped her studies and continues to update her skills and knowledge to provide the best assessments and solutions to her clients’ needs.

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Specialties & Qualifications

  • Advance Diploma in Fitness and Exercise, HKUSPACE, Hong Kong
  • Advance Personal Trainer, CPT, NASM
  • Active Isolated Stretch Therapist
  • BSc (Hons) in Fitness and Exercise, Middlesex University, UK
  • Exercise Balls, Bands & Balance Instructor, the Theraband academy
  • Fitness Prescription for Pre & Post Natal, AASFP
  • Fitness Prescription for Seniors, AASFP
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Studies, Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia
  • Instructor for Infant Massage, IAIM
  • Master Trainer, AASFP, Hong Kong & China
  • Master trainer, ARIX balance exercise
  • Pilates Instructor – Mat, BASI
  • Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy, CST-1 & 2
  • Practitioner of Yuen Method, Level 1 & 2
  • Registered Exercise Professional, REPs, New Zealand
  • Sports Massage, ISI, HK
  • Instructor of Children & Adolescents fitness, CHISM & Australian Fitness Network
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