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Lymph Drainage Therapy
Improve Your Lymph Circulation with LDT

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy?

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The lymphatic system is a network of closed vessels similar to arteries and veins and acts as a key waste disposal and cleansing system in the body. It is a part of the blood system and works in unison with the veins to return to the heart the fluid delivered by the arteries throughout the body.

Fluid is filtered through the artery walls to nourish the cells, which absorb the clean, nutrient-rich fluid and expel fluid containing waste products. If waste products are not removed, they decompose, generating bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Where does the body get rid of the waste? The vessels of the lymphatic system carry the fluid containing the waste products to the body’s purification centres, which are the lymph nodes. These are bean-size sacs that break down the waste and destroy germs and harmful organisms collected throughout the body. The waste is then eliminated through the digestive system, the urinary tract, the skin and the lungs.

We can think of the lymph system as the filtering system of an aquarium, the cells being the fish, and the water being the fluid between the cells. Every day food is added to the water to keep the fish healthy. If the pump of the filtering system breaks down, the water becomes increasingly murky and waste particles suspended in the water are visible. Within a few days, the fish may look sickly and die while bacteria harmful to the fish proliferate. Unless the filtering system is repaired, the aquarium can never be restored to its clean, colourful, pristine condition.

The same occurs in the body. If the lymph system does not work properly waste and toxins accumulate, spawning disease-producing organisms that contaminate the cells and, eventually, the entire body. For a healthy body, it is vital for the lymphatic system to be fully functional.

You can book appointments for Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Hong Kong by phone or via WhatsApp. If you are a registered user you can also book through our Mindbody online booking system.

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