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When diagnosed with a serious illness

By February 21, 2017No Comments

When diagnosed with a serious illness, a common and natural response is one of fear, which is a useful emotion. It helps you to reorient to change, to focus, and to keep you safe from harm. However, excessive or constant fear can often overwhelm us or keep us stuck, afraid of making the wrong move.

Our body responds to fear and anxiety by releasing the hormones adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, which stimulate the adrenals to activate the fight or flight mechanism. When active for a prolonged period of time, however, these hormones will shut the immune system down, because the body cannot run both the fight and flight response, and activate the immune system at the same time. A weak immune system is the exact opposite of what we need when we are experiencing illness and disease.

Positive thoughts can be helpful, but if they are purely cerebral they may be ineffective. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD , this is because “positive thoughts come from the conscious mind, while contradictory negative thoughts are usually programmed in the more powerful subconscious mind.”

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful therapy which creates shifts in the subconscious mind, and has proven extremely effective in decreasing negative mental states like fear and anxiety. When the perceived ‘threat’ is lowered, the body is able to go back to homeostasis, restoring immune system function and increasing the capacity to heal. Research shows that EFT also works on a physical level, directly lowering cortisol levels in the body. And unlike the many supplements and drugs marketed to lower cortisol levels, EFT has no side effects. It is simple and safe.

EFT is an effective tool that can be a useful first step in the journey to optimal health and well being, taking us towards thoughts and actions based on hope, courage and confidence, rather than fear.

Please contact Caroline Rhodes or Falguni Mather at The Body Group if you would like to know more about EFT or formulate a plan for healing.

My life felt as if it was in turmoil. I had been told I had breast cancer and the words alone sent a fear through my body that made me feel so weak … I felt as if my body collapsed and I was unable to cope with this news.. I attended EFT sessions with Falguni and I felt my mind ease as I learned how to address my fears and actually take control and move my thoughts in a more positive and healing way.. my attitude to what was happening to me also changed for the better and life became normal again for me.
I am so happy and eternally grateful for EFT and I think it is something we should all do as there is nothing harmful in the sessions only the good that it does to enhance our lives.
M.R., Hong Kong

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