Caroline Major




– Bioresonance Therapist

Caroline became a Bioresonance Therapist after a long search for solutions to her own allergy-related symptoms. After trying many different modalities, she arrived at the belief that the root of many health problems lies in gut health (allergies) and inflammation. The idea of treating the body with energy to allow it to heal itself made great sense and she now uses the power of the Bio-resonance machine to renew clients’ energy for life.

Bioresonance sessions with Caroline are both information and results-driven. As a mother and a professional, she has a deep understanding of the stressors involved in life in Hong Kong. During a session she will focus on energetic unblocking and balancing and chemical detoxification as well reprogramming the bodies responses to allergens.

Caroline also draws on her experience in the use of wholefoods to help clients understand how to make a solo or family transition to a diet that will keep the body in better balance. If environmental chemicals are a stress for you she is also able to help recommend the transition to more traditional products for cleaning and personal care using essential oils that will further reduce the daily toxic assault on the body.

Treatments address problems such as adrenal fatigue, allergies and intolerances to certain foods, chemicals and environmental toxins, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, exhaustion, infections and parasites and overly sensitive immune and digestive systems.

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