Kelly Yiu




– Hong Kong & Australia registered Physiotherapist
– Stretch Therapy
– Movement Teacher
– Doctor of Physiotherapy
– Bachelor of Kinesiology

Kelly is a Hong Kong and Australia registered physiotherapist and has lectured at higher education institutes. He earned his Doctor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology while working as a coach, sports trainer and group class instructor. He has also studied the Ido Portal Method in the HK Movement Practice (under Andres Vesga’s direct guidance) and is regularly involved in educational workshops and seminars among the personal training and yoga community.

While working with people from all walks of life — from MLS players to national-level gymnasts, from seniors to yoga teachers — Kelly has developed a systematic approach to help his students and patients to train pain-free and progress towards their goals. He is passionate about sports injury prevention and active lifestyle recovery through movement.

In addition to treating neck and back pain, shoulder, knee and work-related injuries, Kelly will also assess, explore and help improve your strength, mobility, and coordination.  He teaches and uses a variety of mobility drills, including partner stretches, PNF stretching (an advanced form of flexibility training) and loaded/weighted mobility, etc.

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