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Caroline Rhodes

– Chief Practitioner & Founder of The Body Group

– Holistic Manual Physiotherapy Treatment

– Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Adult

As one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed and sought-after medical healthcare experts, Caroline Rhodes’ unique approach stems from her training in the US where the emphasis at university was differential diagnosis and assessment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Caroline’s specialty is acute and chronic sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, low back, upper back and neck pain.

With over 2000 hours in continuing education on the treatment of the spine, pelvis, head/neck, Caroline has trained with some of the best practitioners in the US in her 30-year career to find the root cause of your pain and restricted motion.

During her years at university, Caroline became interested in treating the head and jaw and took extensive anatomy training and advanced manual therapy techniques. This lead her to learn other forms of therapy such as Cranio Sacral therapy and working with the temporal-mandibular joint and the treatment of infants who had challenges with digestion, spinal alignment and misshapen heads and faces.

As early as 2000, Caroline identified a pressing need in Hong Kong for a new, integrated approach to dealing with chronic pain and other health issues. She founded Body Central in the same year and the clinic quickly became Hong Kong’s optimal practice for craniofacial (head and face) and spine disorders serving adults, infants and children. In May 2004, she launched The Body Group, which continues to raise awareness of how one can achieve healing and resolution of pain by combining physiotherapy and holistic therapies.

During her years of working with patients and listening to her clients explain their health issues, Caroline became to understand that the stress and past traumas her patients expressed, affected their healing and could contribute to their health. Caroline became certified in Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting which are forms of therapy for accessing the subconscious while massaging acupuncture points for phenomenal results. Caroline became a master trainer in these techniques and offers training throughout Asia.

Caroline Rhodes’ unique approach for pain relief stems from her training in the US where the emphasis at university was differential diagnosis and assessment of musculoskeletal disorders. In other words, finding the root cause of why you have chronic pain and limitation and a plan to get relief permanently using a hand’s on approach.

Caroline’s specialty is acute and chronic lower and upper back and neck pain and loss of motion.  She has been well established in Hong Kong for 25 years.

The Body Group therapists are certified practitioners who may work together as a team to help you recover permanently. This allows you to have access to the best practitioner who will communicate with your primary practitioner to help you achieve your goals quickly. Team members include Sport’s Physiotherapy and Training, Rehabilitation, stretching, deep tissue and myofacial massage, lymphatic drainage therapy, pregnancy massage, physiotherapy for women’s health issues, pre and post pregnancy therapy and belly binding after delivery.

Other therapies include the use of Bioresoance using German wave technology to assist in detoxification, resolving food and airborne allergies and more.

Caroline also has extensive experience in working with newborns and infants to resolve  symptoms of  torticollis, colic, reflux, flat head syndrome, skin rashes, intolerances and allergies simply and without the need for taking blood samples.

Other forms of therapy that Caroline offers is working with past traumas to release negative emotions that may result chronic health issues. The modalities are Meta Medicine ( New German Medicine) to find the trigger, and Emotional Freedom Technique to “tap” it away. Both therapies are well researched for its effectiveness and safety in quickly resolving these stressors in the mind and body.


Caroline has a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University (USA) and has completed over 2500 classroom hours in continuing education. Many of Caroline’s courses in the US include advanced training in the craniosacral system, head, neck and spine mechanics, temporal mandibular joint dysfunction, (TMJ) advanced training at San Diego State University on TMJ dysfunction and advanced head and neck dissection. While in California, Caroline recognised the need for early treatment of infants with misalignment of the skull bones and misshapen heads in order to minimise the need for orthodontic work and face and jaw surgery later in life. Similarly, misalignment of the spine needs early treatment in order to prevent scoliosis, a permanent curvature of the spine. These and other health issues can be prevented or minimised if dealt with early enough. Caroline has extensive certification in Integrative Manual Therapy, McKenzie Techniques for disc herniation, Medical Lymphatic Draining for all forms of swelling, Strain Counter Strain aka Trigger Point Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and more


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Caroline’s extensive experience covers:

Acute Neurology, Outpatient Orthopaedics, General Medical, Surgical and Sports Medicine and Inpatient Arthritis Rehabilitation. Her past positions include Director of Physical Therapy for the Sansum Medical Clinic, and Director of Rhodes Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara (CA).

She has qualifications in the following:

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