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Decoding symptoms and illness

By October 20, 2019No Comments

Why am I sick? How do I heal?
Our bodies are auto-regulating systems designed to heal naturally. If you cut your finger the cut heals automatically, unless it is prevented from healing in some way. So why is it that some symptoms simply don’t seem to resolve?

What gets in the way of your body healing?
When injuries, physical pain and illnesses persist or stay chronic over extended periods of time, there is usually some unconsidered aspect getting in the way. Healing can be impeded by unconscious thought patterns, beliefs, decisions, stressful environments and habits, as well as social lifestyle.

What if you knew the reasons behind your symptoms so that you could understand what needs to be resolved in order to allow your body to heal?

We can assist you to find root causes and unconscious triggers that are getting in the way of your wellbeing. Once these are discovered and released, the effect can be transformative, allowing your body to heal optimally.

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