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Five minutes with Caroline Rhodes

By June 10, 2020No Comments

Caroline Rhodes and The Body Group – The Beginnings

Caroline Rhodes: “Growing up as an athlete I suffered from several injuries, a fractured spine and herniated discs in my neck. Through this suffering I got into physiotherapy and holistic health.

My approach to treatment and therapy is unique. I combine manual physical therapies with energetic therapies including holistic diets to improve my immune system and brain functionality.

I started The Body Group in 1997, introducing craniosacral therapy to Hong Kong. Today we work with infants and adults, ranging from pain, loss of motion, allergies, toxicity issues, digestive problems and stress.”

The Development of The Body Group

There are gaps in modern day medicine and treatments. Understanding how systems work and affect each other is key to getting to the root of the problem.

Using physiotherapy to improve the pain and function of a body part is only the tip of the iceberg, I look at how the systems work together and search for the source of the problem rather than treating symptoms alone. This led me to understand the gut and brain are connected. I began to explore more about allergies, digestion and cognitive function.

One area which isn’t addressed is sexual health. In all my studies, I found that this is also an area that is a benchmark for a woman to have a long, happy and healthy life.

We live in a highly sexualised world, but for women it is still taboo and there is a lot of shame and guilt around their sexuality.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques in my Workshops, I have helped many women overcome their previous experiences of trauma and sexual trauma, which made it challenging for them to have an intimate relationship.

Today, I help women to discover that part of themselves so they can have a more intimate connection with their partners. Everyone is much happier and fulfilled this way.

“We live in a highly sexualised world, but for women it is still taboo and there is a lot of shame and guilt around their sexuality.”

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